It has been published the book:
Il calzare di piombo. Materiali di ricerca sul mutamento tecnologico nel Regno delle Due Sicilie

by Maurizio Lupo

edited by Franco Angeli


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With the help of documentation on industrial patents granted in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the volume examines some of the characteristics of technological change in the largest pre-unification state. The analysis focuses on two aspects. The first concerns the reasons why certain innovations were successful and others were not, highlighting the role played by factors such as the size of the internal market, the availability of capital, the presence of already consolidated technical expertise, as well as the position and bargaining power of the country in the international hierarchies. The second aspect concerns the often conflicting relations that were established between political power and the scientific community: while the world of science, inclined to judge positively the social impact of innovations, was inclined to confer rights with relative ease, the political authorities, often worried about the upheavals that technological change brought about on social balances, maintained a more prudent attitude. The picture that emerges from the interaction of this set of elements - economic, political, cultural - shows how one of the main characteristics of technological change in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies is the continuous search for a balance between theoretical opportunities and concrete possibilities.



Parte I. Il sistema delle privative
Legislazione, procedura, dibattito e (inattuate) ipotesi di riforma

L'esame preliminare: criteri, finalità, casi di studio e risultati
I dati: elaborazione e commento
Nota conclusiva
Parte II. Repertorio delle privative conferite nel Regno delle Due Sicilie dal 1810 al 1860
Finalità, struttura e fonti principali del Repertorio

Repertorio privative per anno di conferimento
Repertorio privative per settore produttivo
Repertorio privative per cognome del beneficiario
Indice dei nomi.