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My research mission is to generate new knowledge on ways in which new technology can play a key role in enhancing communication for cultural Heritage.

The knowledge component includes: communication Science (from foundations to best practices); computer science related new media technologies (Web 2.0, mobile devices, apps, and interactive installations); experience, interaction and exhibition design.

The skills component includes all stages of the development life cycle of media products: conception of high-level communication strategies for technology-based experiences; design and creation of content suitable of user-centred, technology-based experiences; use of tools for production of multimedia content; and analysis and evaluation of multimedia applications, usability and user-testing.

I published work on the use of technology enhanced communication in cultural heritage and tourism in a number of peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. I regularly attend and present papers at national and international conferences.

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Main publications

Book chapters

Lo Presti O., Micera R., 2012, Il ruolo del web marketing per l’immagine delle destinazioni, in XVIII Rapporto sul turismo italiano 2011 - 2012, pp.331-340, ISBN 978-88-204-0895-4

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Buonincontri P., Lo Presti O., 2012, Discovering Naples: experiential marketing tools for the tourist 2.0, Atti di convegno della 1st International Conference Enlightening Tourism Competition and Innovation in Tourism: New Challenges in an Uncertain Environment 13-14 September 2012, Napoli

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